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Education Verification

About Service

We offer verification on following profile credentialsarching for profile like yours on Carieer Growth.

  • Mitigate the risk of errors in verifying education and cost of a bad hire through consistent research methodologies that achieve fast results and an average education verification rate of 92% in the United States and 89% elsewhere. A Verification Plus option extends the research time up to 30 business days to facilitate a higher verification rate of nearly 100%. This verification has become very important as in recent times many employees pose fake graduation or post graduation certificates to land their Dream jobs or for better pay or designation.

  • Recently a senior manager working in a reputed company was ousted from his position when it was discovered that his IIM qualifications were forged. The recent fake pilot scam also reinforces the need for a proper education verification conducted by trusted third party verification agencies. This profile verification provides the much needed confidence to recruiters, who are searching for profile like yours on Assisto Career.
    Certain important aspects of this verification
    Colleges and Universities usually provide verification via a manual process through their own staff.

  • Usually the verification is conducted within a period of one to two weeks but sometimes for graduates who have passed out years ago; it might take a bit longer.

  • Some schools ask for candidate’s disclosure and release form before issuing the verification.

  • If the candidate is a female, it should be made sure that the information submitted reflects the actual (maiden) name with which the candidate graduated, as at times, she might provide her married name, which might be different from the maiden one.

  • Most of the verification agencies would not verify degrees belonging to universities categorized as fake by the UGC, and revert the verification request to the employer.

Note: – This service does not guarantee any interview calls or assure any job offers.

Our Expert verification team takes a lead time of 25 business days – from the receipt of payment and complete information form. Business days exclude Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Rs. 9250.00/-

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