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Resume forwarding Global

About Service

Resume Distribution is a resume distribution service

that allows you to reach relevant job consultants hiring in specific functional areas and locations. The resume is sent to the consultants over e-mail within 48 hours of activation of the service.

Resume Distribution publishes job seeker Resume.

section for 12 months. This section can be accessed by all recruiters and consultants coming to Carieergrowth searching for active and relevant job seeking candidates.

Important Advantages
  • Professional Resume is the first and foremost step in getting the desired Job

  • Your career objective and goals are clearly articulated

  • Your skills and education are highlighted with industry key words

Features of Resume Distribution

Resume is distributed as per the target functional area of the candidate

We have consultants hiring for specific functional areas like Sales, BD, Quality, Process Management, IT Operations etc.

Resume is distributed as per the preferred experience of the candidate

We have consultants hiring as per your experience for entry, middle and senior level jobs across the Globe

Resume is distributed as per the preferred location of the candidate

We have consultants hiring location wise for over 200 cities in India & major cities in abroad.

Rs. 2750.00/-

When you're looking Professional or positioning yourself for career growth, it's important to have an on-line presence where you can showcase your skills and experience. Your on-line profiles will also help you connect with contacts who can expedite your career and assist you with moving up the career ladder.