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Top Management Job

One of the biggest employment challenges for a big organization is volume hiring at junior levels without compromising on quality and speed. Yet, the natural tendency of most recruitment firms is to focus on senior & middle management recruitment services. Currently, this segment is highly fragmented with various small to midsized recruitment firms occupying this space with no one being able to provide the reach and scale to fully satisfy client needs. Our job seeker division dedicated for top management recruitment search provide high quality recruitment solutions that address volume hiring needs at top / middle management levels for large corporate. We operate on a key account management model where, because of the volumes with each client, we dedicate resources on a full time basis to serve a job seeker.

Career seek

Career Seek is a lineup program that will allow eligible candidate to continue to receive assistance as they attend during their academics. Under this service we make every potential attempt so that your profile is being applied for the best opportunity on accepted basis and also prepares you for the interview which you will face by sharing list of recruiters and consultants with you.

By opting this service candidate will have continue assessment and implication; opportunity search as per their profile; preparation for interview and the most importantly service guarantee. 

Profile booster

Every day, recruiters from thousands of recruiting firms solicit more than 2 million potential employers-from business firms to corporations for their openings. There are exactly hundreds of thousands of employers in India and Abroad, and recruiters make their living by contacting these potential employers for their openings and attempting to fill them. The problem for most job seekers is that they simply do not have the resources to contact every single recruiter out there to see what opportunities they have. Conversely, the problem for most recruiters is that they do not have the resources to find every single candidate for the positions they are recruiting for. Profile Booster bridges the recruitment gap. We maintain the largest database of recruiters in the world and can assist you in getting your resume in front of the recruiters with the opportunities to drive your career forward. Once your resume is in front of the right recruiters, they will contact you when they have opportunities matching your interests. Within hours of using Profile Booster recruiters may be courting you with opportunities that suit your interests. Using Profile Booster is like having thousands of people doing the necessary research to locate opportunities for better career.

Resume services

A lively and fine written profile testimonial can make your resume come alive. A profile statement, also known as a 'career summary', 'summary of qualifications', 'personal profile statement' or 'profile summary', is an essential element of the modern resume. At Go To Jobs we do every possible try to grab the reader's attention and provide a snapshot of the unique qualities you bring to the role.
A profile statement is really a distilled version of your cover letter, designed to articulate your strongest and most relevant skills and achievements in a compelling and vibrant way, to help you stand out from other applicants.

Apply the same principles to the creation of your profile we don’t forget to consider to: 
1.Articulate your strongest and most relevant skills and achievements

2.Use crisp, concise language to clearly articulate why your value offering is unique

3.Describe your professional experience and make clear the position you are seeking

Virtual resume

The finds job international provides a unique virtual approach to resume development. At Virtual Resumes, we help qualified candidates effectively present their experience to potential employers. Each resume is carefully targeted to a particular position and often results in an interview. Our team of professionals has extensive recruiting experience and that makes all the difference for our clients. We know what recruiters are looking for and we are skilled at crafting resumes that address their specific needs.

Over the years we have conducted more than so many face-to-face interviews and have screened more than thousands of candidates over the phone. So, if there is one thing we know better than anyone else, it’s how to write job-winning resumes for our clients. We have experienced writers available across India to serve your needs.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by delivering top quality documents within five business days of your phone consultation. Expedited service is also available for a small fee. We want you to feel good about your decision to work with us and provide a service guarantee for you to review before making any payment. You can expect to receive a courtesy call or email from one of our Managers to ensure your experience was positive and that your expectations were met. We value your input and want you to feel confident recommending our services to others.

Premium service

Premium membership is a Job search assistance service that helps candidates to receive more job opportunities with special priorities like:

1.resumes directly shared with large number of recruiters.

2.Free Job drives with our hiring job seeker.

3.Premium members resumes showed on top results when recruiters search our database.

4.Premium Member resumes shared daily in recruiters E-mail.

5.Dedicated Helpline for any job related assistance for Premium Members.

6.Monthly activities like Tips & Tricks, Webinars on various career related topics.

At Go To Jobs we provide premium / deluxe Services;
it is more about giving not only commitment but total satisfaction also.

  • Email- support@carieergrowth.com

  • website- www.carieergrowth.com

Rs. 26800.00/-

When you're looking Professional or positioning yourself for career growth, it's important to have an on-line presence where you can showcase your skills and experience. Your on-line profiles will also help you connect with contacts who can expedite your career and assist you with moving up the career ladder.